A list of mentors

We've provided various online resources in other articles but there's nothing can beat the right mind set.  The blogs listed below have generally been written by immensely successful and experienced online business people.  Not all of these blogs are about entrepreneurship, or even business, but all of them are well-written and definitely worth looking at.

Here’s the list in no specific order:

  • 1. OnStartups Written primarily by Dharmesh Shah, OnStartups is a blog about entrepreneurs and new companies, mostly in the online space. There’s enough good information here to fuel at least a few new ideas from every read.
  • 2. How to Change the World This is a blog written by former Apple evangelist and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki. Having launched multiple online ventures personally, and funded even more than that through his VC firm, he’s definitely worth listening to.
  • 3. VentureBeat Possibly skewed a bit towards the offline world, VentureBeat is still worth reading for online entrepreneurs. All of their stuff is well written and well thought out.
  • 4. Mashable One of the bigger blogs, and entirely focused on Social Media, Mashable is often passed over by serious entrepreneurs. That being said, this blog often has breaking business news and information that can be incredibly useful for anyone dealing with social media (which should be every online entrepreneur).
  • 5. yCombinator’s Hacker News yCombinator is one of a handful of companies dedicated solely to providing seed money for online ventures. This is their blog. (Note: it’s highly tech oriented)
  • If you can't learn anything from here, then you must be dead...