A network marketing plan is all about people helping people to help people. The various tools and resources to be found on the BFlush website are comprehensive and constantly updated. One approach that works very well is to find your 5 people and show them how to get their 5. Then move onto the next five. You can have an unlimited number of people in your frontline but helping people to achieve these simple goals motivates them enormously.

Every BFlush member has their own personal promotional code which must be associated with new members as they register. There are a few ways of ensuring your new members are tagged as yours. By becoming part of someones frontline they are given deposit bonuses and rewards. One way is to ensure that they put YOUR promotional number into the promotional code text box on the Registration page. Once they are yours, they are yours forever.
If you have any questions ask your sponsor or simply hop onto the site or forum.

Log into the BFlush members Area .

Your Promotional Code number is the same as your Player ID.

1. Contacting friends and colleagues - using the collateral
The best way to spread the word is to simply sit down with people and talk them through the site as you register them. The main thing to remember is to put the promotional code in at the Registration stage. In the Marketing tab, shown above, you will see that there are prepared brochures. These brochures come with your Promotional code already inserted in the proper area and can be passed to anyone. In this instance it is important to make sure that you tell them that they must put that promotional code in at the Registration stage to receive the additional Bonuses. All of these documents come in a pdf format which means they can be readily printed either at home or by a commercial printer.

2. Local Poker pubs and venues.
There are many many poker pubs and venues throughout the world where people are highly interested in the opportunity presented by
BFlush. A good idea is to simply get the barman joined up and let him take care of the locals. Once you've earned €1000 or more for the month BFlush will send you a Toshiba laptop. This makes you mobile and allows you to present the site anywhere you are. You can check out the other Milestone bonuses here.

3. Your own personal website.
This is one of the most powerful tools you have. The image below shows where you'll find it in the Members Area.

This link leaves a cookie in their browser that will ensure that anyone who registers on that computer automagically goes into your frontline so you need to send this link out to as many people as you possible can. It can be hidden behind HTML text or images. Or if you're really smart you can get your own URL and redirect it to that link. Once you have your own URL there are many other things you can do. Blatantly using Google adwords, links through to forums, email campaigns and advertising on other websites will work. Internet marketing is an enormous topic that I couldn't hope to cover here. But please be aware these options are available to you although they may require some investment.


You can see exactly how your business is doing by looking at the "MONTH SO FAR" tab as shown on the image below

It can be seen here that Esther could earn a great deal more by playing some more poker and by getting another two active players for the month. Financial data is updated on a daily basis.

continues to flourish and evolve. New gaming products will be added in the near future and other upcoming developments (legalisation of online gambling in the U.S.A.) promise to guarantee the ongoing success of our venture.

Normally I might say "GOOD LUCK!!" but we all know now