Poker Venues the world over

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OK so you've got your brother in law and uncles playing and the the kid next door and two of his mates. Where do you go now to find genuine Poker players with a ton of connections?

Truth is they're every where. Statistically, over 8% of the population in the United Kingdom plays Poker.  Although we don't have statistics for other countries, no doubt the numbers are similar.  There are quite a few Poker Pubs out there that hold small games 2 or 3 times a week and the easiest way to find them is on the internet.  Unfortunately there's no site that lists EVERY poker venue as they are fragmented into their own separate leagues but we've listed several below which should ensure you'll have some where to go to promote on every night of the week.  One method of player accumulation that DOES work is to get the owner or bar manager involved and then run a promotion of some description for all those players who are signed up properly underneath you.  This is where a laptop with a mobile connection comes in handy.

Poker in the pub

This site lets you find poker venues close by, by putting in a postcode. League details and venue times are also provided.

Red Tooth Poker

This is one of the larger Poker leagues within the UK. Postcode and town search are also available. Over 50 Poker venues in the greater London city area alone.

The NUTS Poker League

Another one of the larger Poker leagues in the UK. They are well represented up north and in Scotland and continue to expand into London and further south.

Live Pub Poker League

Not quite as exact as the sites mentioned above but quite a few otherwise unmentioned venues.

Main Event Poker Directory

If you're really getting serious, Main Event Poker provides an international directory of known Poker venues and also lists every major international Poker event.  They've even got an iPhone app...