How you are Rewarded

A Poker room earns its income when one of the players wins by taking a small percentage of those winnings. This is referred to as the "Rake". Thus it is in the interest of the Poker room to reward those members who generate Rake, either personally or by introducing new players. The Poker room profits regardless of whether a player wins or loses just as long as Rake is generated. You earn 20% of the rake of those people you personally introduce (i.e. Level 1 or your Frontline), and then varying percentages on the levels after that as shown in the table.

Let's see just how powerful this is with an example. Do you know 5 people who enjoy a game of Poker? Most people do. In fact some know many more than that but let's use that number as an easily acheivable average. An average European player does £242.00 per month per player but for the sake of simplicity let's use a smaller figure of £100.00 for our example. If people only get an average of 5 people to join them then the income starts to grow as per the table below. If you follow it through for youself you will see the potential that will be unlocked. In order to ensure the plan functions as intended and people are genuinely rewarded for their efforts we have implemented the following:


1. By simply becoming a member you automatically obtain commission on the first 4 levels. To become a Senior Affiliate and obtain the commission on 5 levels you have to have introduced 10 active players directly. To become an Executive Affiliate and obtain the commission on 6 levels you have to have introduced 25 active players directly. To become a Star Affiliate and obtain the commission on all 7 levels you have to have introduced 50 active players directly. This is done in order to make the structure as flat as possible for you and to maximise your total possible commission.

2. Each member must personally generate rake to receive their commission. For every pound in rake that a member personally generates will give you one percent of this income. For example, if you personally generate 60 pounds in rake for the month you will receive 60% of the available commission. However if you generate 100 pounds or more in rake for the month, you will receive 100% of the available commission (An average player in Europe generates £242.00 in rake per month) This also maximises your total possible commission by ensuring that people actually play.

That's it really. Simple but enormously powerful. Can you do it?

Once you are registered we will show you all the terrific tools we've provided to run your online gaming business. You will be allocated your membership number and provided with your own website and URL. Predesigned marketing and promotional material is also provided and you will be shown how to review your business and downline at a moments notice. But that's not all, we will also provide you with business development training that sets out PROVEN methods and strategies in simple steps. By the way you're also going to have to play a bit of poker.

But we're not apologising for that. :-D

BFlush Rewards Plan And this is EVERY MONTH!!!
Not bad for just finding 5 poker players.







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